05 Feb 2020
LIVE WEBINAR Crowd Machine Optimum Webinar

Webinar: Application Day – Rapid Software Development


About This Webinar:

A significant challenge for most organizations is staying productive and efficient when using legacy systems, third party applications and other disparate sources of data. Even worse, to fix this problem usually results in complex, costly, and time consuming process of enterprise software development and maintenance requiring writing code. More organizations are now seeing the need and value of rapid and customized no-code business application development and integration, which automates the tasks involved in building and deploying quality enterprise apps.

To help overcome those challenges, Optimum and Crowd Machine have partnered to help organizations build and integrate their business applications, with a greatly reduced development time and cost.

Crowd Machine is an industry-leading, native cloud no-code platform for the rapid development of market ready and sophisticated enterprise-grade applications, from Case Management to Logistics, Financial Services, and more. By leveraging the comprehensive Crowd Machine solution combined with Optimum’s in-house software and industry expertise, organizations can rapidly build new and innovative solutions while enabling the use of the emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to Optimum and Crowd Machine

  • Crowd Machine and GO Platform Overview

  • Case Studies and Solution Demos

  • Live Platform Building

  • Q&A  

If you are planning to rapidly develop and integrate business applications and modern software solutions, to learn more about the power of Crowd Machine and our software solutions and services . Call 713.505.0300  or Email info@optimumcs.com  to see how we can help!