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Intelligent Software Solutions for Healthcare Providers, Health Centers, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Manufacturers to Securely Manage Protected Health Information, Automate Business Processes, and Increase Operational Visibility.

Intelligent Solutions and True Business Outcomes

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, securely sharing protected health information, optimizing and automating workflows, and enabling operational visibility are critical for success. We help healthcare providers and insurers deliver a robust and seamless digital experiences to their patients and partners by automating workflows and removing paper-based processes, complying with complex and ever-changing regulations, and improving internal and external collaborations to break free from data and process silos.

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Operational KPI Reporting and Rapid Data Integration

Turn your patient, clinical, and operational data into insightful, integrated Power BI dashboards by rapidly collecting data from various applications, without manual data entry and maintenance.

Contract Management and Approval Process Automation

Improve productivity and reduce processing time by streamlining and automating your Authority Matrix for Contracts, Proposals, Work Orders, P.Os, and other document management review and approval processes.

Healthcare Project Management Software and Optimized Processes

Manage projects and automate workflows using a compliant, cloud-based PPM software to securely share, store, and manage PHI while meeting or exceeding all of HIPAA’s regulatory requirements.

Operational KPI Reporting and Rapid Data Integration

Healthcare companies and Health Centers maintain and manage their clinical and patient data in various business systems, including EMR, Dental, and Financial applications. Most of these systems are not integrated and the business and patient data is not seamlessly consolidated and managed, resulting in data silos and lack of real-time reporting and operational visibility.


Our team of certified Power BI and Process Automation (RPA) experts help clients organize and turn their raw data into integrated KPI dashboards, while rapidly collecting and consolidating data from various cloud and on-premise applications, using RPA instead of costly and custom programming.

Learn about our 2-Week Rapid Implementation Package: Power BI Dashboard

Contract Management and Approval Process Automation Authrity Matrix Office 365 Partner

Contract Management and Approval Process Automation

Poorly run contract management and document approval processes can lead to non-compliance, inaccurate information, and delayed operational cycles. We help legal, procurement, sales, and contract teams boost productivity, increase compliance, and save time and costs by automating the document approval and authority matrix processes.


Our process automation solution streamlines the creation of Contracts, Proposals, P.Os, Work Orders, NDAs, Change Orders and other legal, sales, and procurement documents and route them for electronic review and approval, automatically tracking changes for audit trail. This automated document collaboration and approval process ensures compliance, triggers notifications, electronically collects e-signatures, and even delegates authority when the signer is out-of-office.

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Industry leaders rely on Optimum’s robust software solutions and services for healthcare to help them increase efficiency and visibility, ensure compliance, and operational reduce costs.

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Healthcare Project Management Software and Optimized Processes

In this highly regulated environment, securely sharing protected health information, improving workflows, and scaling repetitive processes are critical for success. Our Portfolio and Project Management Solution solves these business challenges by providing a PHI and HIPAA compliant cloud platform to bring program visibility, improved internal and external collaborations, and securely manage data and projects.


With this solution, your teams can rapidly and securely organize clinical trials and tests, track and manage physician certifications and licenses, manage the construction of new clinics, streamline your team on-boarding and off-boarding, manage IT and PMO projects, and much more.

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