Business Process Management (BPM) and Mapping Solutions

Visual process mapping and process engineering services to help companies establish total visibility and control over enterprise processes and encourage company-wide collaboration and accountability.

Business Process Mapping and Engineering

Process Alignment and Optimization

Process Automation and Modernization

Business Process Management and Process Mapping Software and Services

Process Management and Optimization, Simplified

Our team of certified Process Management and Optimization experts provide a full suite of business process management services, including Business Analysis & Process Definition, Process Optimization & Alignment, and Process Automation and Digitization. We specialize in helping organizations to enable efficiency, cut costs, improve customer and employee satisfaction, and improve the quality of their products and services.

We also help companies seeking to leverage BPM automation across the enterprise, by providing full end-to-end process optimization and automation services. Utilizing our in-house Process Management and Optimization expertise combined with Nintex’s powerful and comprehensive BPM tool, Promapp, we help clients:

  • Analyze, define, map, and optimize business processes and workflows, utilizing a cloud-based and interactive BMP platform to ensure proper collaboration and process change management. 
  • Share team updates, receive feedback in real-time, and access personalized dashboards for total visibility of processes with live state changes.
  • Automate changelogs, RACI table updates, and stakeholder email notifications to increase process auditability and drive engagement.
  • Configure approvers, viewers, and editors to approve changes to processes and establish mandatory signoff, escalations, and notifications.

Software Development Company Consulting for Transportation

“Optimum helped us to develop a Business Process Automation solution. They focused on understanding our business model and reducing processing deficiencies to optimize time management for our agents.”


Sharlene Mercier, SOHO Realty

SOHO realty improves its agent and client experience with process optimization and automation

SOHO Realty needed an innovative and customized Marketing and Sales Automation solution to enable its agents, employees, and customers to efficiently communicate and collaborate while ensuring that all the internal and external sales process steps and procedures are properly executed and documents are stored in the appropriate company document repositories. In addition, SOHO’s management team needed to gain greater visibility over the internal operations and agents’ performance by putting in place proper performance indicators and measuring and reporting on those KPIs throughout the sales process.

Optimum worked with the client to identify, analyze, and document the business and functional requirements of this solution and made process efficiency and improvement recommendations to help reduce processing deficiencies and improve efficiency and productivity of sales agents.  We then chose to utilize Office365, SharePoint, and the Nintex platform to design and implement a state of the art workflow automation platform that streamlined and automated the entire marketing and sales operations for SOHO Realty.



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