02 Sep 2018
Business Process Automation and Forms for Real Estate Optimum Nintex

Case Study: SOHO realty improves its agent and client experience with process automation

Executive Summary:

SOHO Realty engaged Optimum to design and develop a custom Marketing & Sales Process Automation solution that allows for robust automation of SOHO’s back-office processes as well as the integration of SOHO’s current CRM, eSignature, and Financial systems. 

SOHO Realty needed an innovative and customized Marketing and Sales Automation solution to enable its agents, employees, and customers to efficiently communicate and collaborate while ensuring that all the internal and external sales process steps and procedures are properly executed and documents are stored in the appropriate company document repositories. In addition, SOHO’s management team needed to gain greater visibility over the internal operations and agents’ performance by putting in place proper performance indicators and measuring and reporting on those KPIs throughout the sales process.

Optimum worked with the client to identify, analyze, and document the business and functional requirements of this solution and made process efficiency and improvement recommendations to help reduce processing deficiencies and improve efficiency and productivity of sales agents.  We then chose to utilize Office365, SharePoint, and the Nintex platform to design and implement a state of the art workflow automation platform that streamlined and automated the entire marketing and sales operations for SOHO Realty.

“Optimum focused on understanding my business model learning how to reduce processing deficiencies to optimize time for our sales agents.” 

– Sharlene Mercier, Managing Broker

Utilizing this new solution, SOHO is now able to ease the paperwork and documentation process for its clients and significantly reduced the agent’s routine calls and emails time. The Sales Agents now have the ability to fast-track the sales cycle from leads to closing and focus on developing client relationships.

Watch the Case Study video here: