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06 Feb 2024

Unraveling the World of Data: Databases, Data Lakes, and Data Warehouses

In today’s data-driven landscape, businesses must navigate through various storage solutions to manage and analyze their information effectively. This blog post will shed light on the distinctions between databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, helping you make informed decisions about your data architecture and strategy.   What is a Database? Databases serve as organized collections […]

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31 Jan 2024

Demystifying Tech Stacks: Optimizing Your Digital Infrastructure with Tech Stack Audits

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the technology stack, or “tech stack,” forms the backbone of every organization’s digital infrastructure. From the sleek interface of your favorite app to the robust backend systems powering global enterprises, tech stacks serve as the foundation upon which digital experiences are built. But like any complex ecosystem, tech stacks […]

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28 Nov 2022
Grant Management Solution Smartsheet Consultant

Grant Management Solution, Enabling Visibility and Insight into the Grant Assignment, Renewal, Approval, and Utilization Process

Optimum Developed a Grant Management Solution, Enabling Visibility and Insight into the Grant Assignment, Renewal, Approval, and Utilization Process. Optimum developed an automated and robust solution for a state sponsored Grant Management organization, responsible for managing grants at over 110 institutions, allowing visibility and insight into the grant assignment, renewal, approval, and utilization process. About […]

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27 Nov 2022
BGRA-Smartsheet and Office 365 Integration Construction Engineering

Project Management Information System Development for a Construction-Oriented Engineering Department: Multi-system integration to provide a stepwise management solution

Optimum Developed a Project Management Information System for a Construction-Oriented Engineering Organization: Multi-system integration to provide a stepwise management solution. About the Client The client is a government organization which handles the water conservation and reclamation district. The Engineering department within this organization is responsible for managing the implementation of various projects and ensuring their […]

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04 Aug 2022
Shoppas Project Management Solution Smartsheet Optimum Partner

Shoppa’s works with Optimum to adopt Smartsheet for Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), streamlining project management

[CASE STUDY] Shoppa’s worked with Optimum to develop a Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, utilizing Smartsheet and Office 365, to streamline project management activities, boost collaboration between teams, and gain visibility into each project.   About the Client Shoppa’s Material Handling, founded in 1981, is a growing material handling solutions and equipment provider with […]

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31 Jul 2022
Smartsheet Partner Smartsheet Development and Consulting Services

Case Study: Dental Partnership Organization Streamlines Partner Evaluation, Acquisition, and Onboarding Processes

Optimum designed and developed a Smartsheet-based Solution for a Dental Partnership Organization to Streamline their Partner Evaluation, Acquisition, and Onboarding Processes.   About the Client Specialty1 Partners is a Private Equity (PE) backed Partnership Organization with focuses on endodontics, oral surgery, and periodontics. Their goal is to create a network of like-minded specialty dentists focused […]

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30 Jan 2022
TAD Contract Management Smartsheet DocuSign

Case Study: State Agriculture Agencey Automates Contract Mgmt. and Renewal Forms and Workflows with Smartsheet & DocuSign.

Optimum standardizes, simplifies, and automates a State Agriculture Agency’s Contract Management and Renewal Forms and Workflows, enabling greater efficiency and improved visibility of measurable KPI’s.   About the Client Client is a diversified state agency that provides value-added services through regulatory and marketing and initiatives. The agency’s key objectives are to promote production agriculture, consumer […]

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01 Jan 2022
Manufacturing Firm Automates and Manages their PMO and New Product Development Processes with Smartsheet

Manufacturing Firm Automates and Manages their PMO and New Product Development Processes with Smartsheet.

Optimum developed Smartsheet-based PMO, R&D, and New Product Development solutions for a Manufacturing and Consumer Goods company, enabling greater efficiency and improved visibility of measurable KPIs.   Business Challenge and Project Background Prior to Optimum’s involvement, Client’s different teams and departments used various independent processes and tools to organize and manage their projects. Some teams used […]

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01 Jan 2022
Civil Engineering Firm - Smartsheet for Performance Management Tool

Case Study: Global Civil Engineering Company Develops Performance Management Solution with Smartsheet.

Optimum replaced and enhanced the Client’s Performance Management System with a customized, Smartsheet-based solution to capture and manage ideas and initiatives within the transformation workstreams, and automate strategic planning and project management processes. About the Client Client is a global civil engineering firm delivering impactful global solutions to create a more connected, sustainable world – […]

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06 Aug 2021
Smartsheet Control Center for Biotechnology Firm

Case Study: Global Biotechnology Firm Developed an Omni-channel Customer Engagement Planning Solution in Smartsheet

Optimum designed and implemented a customized Smartsheet-based solution which allowed client’s various countries to create, approve, and export their annual strategic plans, allowing senior leadership to compare strategies, budgets, and results between different countries or view data on a regional level.     Challenge/Opportunity Client conducts an annual strategic planning process and due to the […]

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