04 Aug 2022
Shoppas Project Management Solution Smartsheet Optimum Partner

Shoppa’s works with Optimum to adopt Smartsheet for Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), streamlining project management

[CASE STUDY] Shoppa’s worked with Optimum to develop a Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, utilizing Smartsheet and Office 365, to streamline project management activities, boost collaboration between teams, and gain visibility into each project.


About the Client

Shoppa’s Material Handling, founded in 1981, is a growing material handling solutions and equipment provider with nine locations across Texas and Missouri. Shoppa’s is an authorized dealer of Toyota Material Handling, the world’s best-selling forklift brand. The company offers a comprehensive array of products, services, and integrated systems designed to help customers streamline the storage and movement of goods. Shoppa’s solutions include everything from powered industrial trucks to advanced automated warehouse systems.

Business Challenge and Project Background

 Shoppa’s needed to build a unified, standardized system for tracking opportunities from pre-sale to project execution. The organization relied on emails, spreadsheets, and other manual tools that limited project management and visibility for business leaders.

“We used static spreadsheets to submit orders using an order packet, with people updating fields manually. This made project visibility and communication difficult, and it led to inaccurate information and data loss,” says Scott Hubbell, Senior Project Manager for Shoppa’s Material Handling. “If anyone needed further information on a project, they would have to call someone and get the information verbally or physically go to another office to talk to someone.

Optimum’s Involvement

Shoppa’s turned to Optimum, a Platinum Smartsheet Partner, for help implementing a robust and modern automation solution to address the challenges described above. Optimum led a series of user story definitions and requirements analysis workshops with Shoppa’s stakeholders and then started an agile process for developing a customized solution, using Smartsheet and Office 365 platforms, to address the user and business requirements.

Optimum also helped Shoppa’s adopt to the new project management solution, which gives different Shoppa’s teams the ability to work together through a centralized system. Team members enter new project requests in Smartsheet, and each project is managed and tracked through interconnected sheets. The solution provides quick links to project details at specific intervals, with key performance indicators (KPIs) visible on several project dashboards. 

“We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without Optimum,” Young says. “Optimum spent time with us to gain a good understanding of our processes and where our bottlenecks were.”


Project Outcomes

Using Smartsheet PPM, Shoppa’s has streamlined its order submission process and active projects log to gain end-to-end project lifecycle tracking. Employees in departments including sales, marketing, and project management use Smartsheet to track and manage projects from order to completion.

Because the project management lifecycle is automated in Smartsheet PPM, Shoppa’s employees are saving time previously spent emailing and calling other team members to get updated information on a project’s status.

“The time savings is significant with Smartsheet,” says Hubbell. “For example, our sales team now has personalized, filtered views so they no longer have to look through all the information in a spreadsheet that may or may not be accurate, or find the right person with the right information.”

About Optimum

Optimum is a national Software Consulting firm, and a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, helping organizations accelerate efficiency and solve business challenges. We deliver robust software solutions and amazing client experiences!

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