01 Jan 2022
Civil Engineering Firm - Smartsheet for Performance Management Tool

Case Study: Global Civil Engineering Company Develops Performance Management Solution with Smartsheet.

Optimum replaced and enhanced the Client’s Performance Management System with a customized, Smartsheet-based solution to capture and manage ideas and initiatives within the transformation workstreams, and automate strategic planning and project management processes.

About the Client

Client is a global civil engineering firm delivering impactful global solutions to create a more connected, sustainable world – from intelligence to infrastructure, cybersecurity to space exploration. 

Business Challenge and Project Background

Client was using a legacy and proprietary Performance Management tool that was outdated and no longer meeting the Client’s business and user requirements.  Client had to migrate out of this legacy tool to a modern and robust Performance Management platform in less than 2 months. This legacy tool provided complex functionality, such as complex stage-gate approvals and financial impacts tracking over an unknown timespan. There was also a significant amount of user training that needed to be provided to ensure proper change management and transition of the current system’s users to the new platform. 

Optimum’s Involvement

Optimum began the engagement with conducting in-depth requirements analysis workshops and User Story development to understand the current state and define the features and requirements for the new Performance Management system. Our certified lean six sigma black belts and business analysts met with internal stakeholders representing many user groups to understand the requirements and build out a complete list of business requirements and user stories. Our team then developed the functional and technical requirements of the new Performance Management system and obtained approvals from the product owner and key stakeholders utilizing prototypes and screen mockup designs.

Optimum then utilized the rapid-deployment and advanced automation capabilities of the Smartsheet platform to deliver and rollout a new robust Performance Management solution, fully meeting the Client’s business user, reporting, and automation requirements. We used the Smartsheet’s Control Center Multi-Tier solution to enable holistic visibility allowing Client to view reporting for Initiatives at the Initiative (project) and Workstream (portfolio) levels. Workstream and Initiative Sheets as well as a series of sheets, automations, reports, and dashboards were also developed that allow the user to follow a streamlined workflow from idea inception to approvals to execution and benefits tracking. 

Our team employed Scrum methodology and approach to rapidly deliver the solution to Client, conducting weekly sprint planning, daily scrums, and sprint review meetings and planning and refining the user stories and system design in working with the Client’s product owner and key stakeholders. 


Project Outcomes

Optimum successfully completed client’s business requirements and objectives of the project in a record time, fully meeting the Client’s tight migration deadline. The outcome of this project was a scalable tool using Multi-Tier Control Center that allows Client to grow organically and create highly repeatable and reportable project assets, enabling a greater level of visibility into the performance and interaction of individual tasks that rolled into the project.

About Optimum

Optimum is a national Software Consulting firm, and a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, helping organizations accelerate efficiency and solve business challenges. We deliver robust software solutions and amazing client experiences!

As a Platinum, Certified Smartsheet Partner, our consultants define, automate, and optimize processes and implement advanced Smartsheet solutions to help clients achieve work efficiency and productivity. From development of customized templates and advanced dashboards and workflows to the full implementation and support of Smartsheet Control Center and other accelerators, our team helps clients maximize their ROI in Smartsheet and increase user adoption and productivity of their teams.

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