Manage, Optimize, and Automate Business Processes

Streamline and document critical business processes, eliminate paper forms, and automate manual, repetitive work with workflows and robotic process automation solutions.

As organizations move to a data and process-centric approach, forms and workflows naturally become intertwined. A significant challenge for most organizations is having the ability to quickly and easily turn time-consuming, manual steps into automated, efficient workflows so project teams can focus on more complex tasks.


To help overcome those challenges, we have partnered with Nintex- an industry-leading Process Management and Automation platform- to provide modern and intelligent Process Management, Workflow Automation, and Robotic Process Automation (Bots) solutions to our clients. 


By leveraging the comprehensive Nintex solution package combined with our in-house technology and process optimization expertise, our clients can manage, automate and optimize processes across all their departments and the systems they leverage. This brings simplicity, clarity, cost savings, and efficiency to their organizations.


Robotic Process Automation Nintex Optimum


We leverage Nintex Workflow, Bots, Forms, Promapp, App Studio, Connectors, and Hawkeye Analytics to build and deliver line-of-business process automation solutions that bring efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise. Nintex’s product suite includes:

Manage Automate Optimize Optimum Nintex
Manage Business Processes
Automate Business Processes
Optimize Business Processes

Looking for a robust and comprehensive alternative for your InfoPath application or other traditional forms and workflow environments?


Optimum offers customized business process mapping, automation, and automation utilizing Microsoft solutions, such as Flow, PowerApps, and Visio.

Also- as a certified, premium Nintex Partner- we provide Nintex-related consulting services,  such as business process mapping and engineering, solution implementation, integration with legacy systems and 3rd party applications,  licensing and renewals, and customized Nintex training.  


Clients using our automation consulting services benefit from our extensive industry and technology expertise to help them:

  • Identify and assess the optimization and automation needs or challenges 

  • Analyze, map, and document work and business processes to be optimized and automated (As-Is and To-Be process mapping and engineering as well as automation road-maps and action plans)

  • Design and implement robust and fit-for-purpose automation solutions using the Microsoft and Nintex platform

  • Integrate the automated processes with other company business systems or Cloud-based applications

  • Gain real-time analytics and insights to govern, analyze, and improve the automated processes