Rapidly Develop And Integrate Your Apps In A Unified Platform

Rapidly develop, deploy, and integrate lines of business applications, with a greatly reduced development time and the overall cost of software ownership

Low-code and Rapid Application Development and Integration

A significant challenge for most organizations is the complex, costly, and time consuming process of enterprise software development and maintenance.  More organizations see the need and value of rapid business application development by removing the need to write code and automating the tasks involved in building and deploying quality enterprise apps.

To help overcome those challenges, we have partnered with Crowd Machine- an industry-leading, native cloud, low-code platform for the rapid development of market ready and sophisticated enterprise-grade applications

By leveraging the comprehensive Crowd Machine solution combined with our in-house software and process automation expertise, our clients rapidly build new and innovative solutions that easily integrate with their existing systems. The Crowd Machine platform also enables the use of the emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Overview Of The Crowd Machine Platform

We leverage Crowd Machine’s suite of products to deliver advanced, customized, and integrated business solutions to our customers utilizing all of the factors necessary for the rapid delivery of sophisticated business solutions and the continuous evolution of the enterprise apps. The Crowd Machine platform includes:

Crowd App Studio

Crowd Machine Rapid App Optimum Pertner

Crowd App Studio

A fully managed, cloud native, no-code business app development environment that enables organizations to rapidly create highly functional intelligent microservices as well as sophisticated enterprise applications.

Crowd Machine GO

Crowd Machine GO Optimum

Crowd Machine GO

Empowering organizations to rapidly create integrated sets of highly functional smart services, known as GO Gadgets, and then assemble enterprise-grade custom solutions by snapping GO Gadgets together.

Crowd Share

Crowd Share Optimum Partner

The Crowd Share

A GitHub-like source repository of complete apps, micro-services, data definitions, APIs,  including those provided by Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, DocuSign, IBM and Facebook, enabling rapid app assembly. 

Crowd Computer

Crowd Computer Optimum Partner

The Crowd Computer

The next generation, decentralized, cloud hosted and fully self-contained infrastructure delivering security, scalability, and unparalleled performance deployment. The Crowd Computer eliminates the need to expend development resources on components such as web servers, databases, ans infrastructure.

Work with us to use the power of low-code application development to rapidly build advanced business solutions.

Our Rapid Application Development Services

Our certified Crowd Machine developers and architects use our extensive industry experience and technology expertise to help clients:

  • Identify and assess the best business scenarios and candidates for rapid application development
  • Analyze, define, and document business processes as well as detailed requirements and user stories
  • Rapidly design and implement robust and fit-for-purpose business solutions in the Crowd Machine platform
  • Integrate the business applications built in Crowd Machine with other company business systems or Cloud-based applications
  • Gain real-time analytics and insights to govern, analyze, and improve their applications
  • Training and application support and maintenance services 
Crowd Machine GO Optimum Partner



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