07 Oct 2015

In-house Digital Marketing vs. Outsourced

It takes an expert to achieve measurable success and positive ROI!

You probably don’t need convincing that the Internet is the future of winning leads and customers for your business. Chances are you’ve already updated your website (or are planning to) and are using Search Engines like Google and Bing and Social Media outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn to serve ads to your target market.

But are you getting the results you desire? Can your measure your success and calculate a positive ROI? For most small and medium size businesses online marketing and advertising can mean investing a large dollar amount for just a handful of “likes” and leads in return!

Running your campaigns in-house

You’ve probably heard about the Facebook Adverts Manager and Google AdWords. If you have the ability and free time, you’ve most likely created a few adverts and received some clicks and likes.

But did you get a large quantity of quality leads and prospects ready to buy? Did you end up with a positive ROI? Do you have a strategy and a plan to improve the results? Where do you go from here?

Small and local businesses often struggle running effective pay-per-click campaigns because many of them fail to understand the dynamics of their target market, how to create compelling ads and high-converting landing pages, effective keywords to use, and how to manage their spending and the budget.

For example, researches show that the needs of mobile searchers differ greatly from those searching on desktop and tablet devices?

Google released a report stating that desktop and tablet users are most interested in product availability in-store while mobile users want to know a business’s working hours:

Source: https://think.storage.googleapis.com/docs/how-advertisers-can-extend-their-relevance-with-search_research-studies.pdf


Now if you are targeting mobile and desktop users with the same ad copies and keywords, you’re incorrectly targeting your prospects!

Paid search marketing is easy to setup and get started, but it takes extensive experience and practical knowledge to create campaigns that actually return a positive ROI and demonstrate measurable success. Small business owners often don’t have the time nor needed skills to define the right strategy and use the right tools and techniques for their digital advertising practice. As a result their online campaigns cost way too much to run and often yield a negative ROI.

Working with experts

Running ad campaigns and setting them on autopilot is a common approach small businesses take and often a recipe for disaster. Before you know it you’re over your budget without a positive ROI and the ability to justify the campaign’s spending.

A good marketing agency on the other hand takes a structured approach by defining a robust and realistic marketing strategy, researching the industry and target market, and using the right tools and techniques to manage your campaigns and ensure profitably.

Even if you hire a marketing specialist to manage your campaigns internally, she or he may do a good job in setting up and managing your campaigns but is probably missing that holistic view and broad experience that professional marketing agencies gain from working with multiple other clients in different industries.

One of the main techniques that good marketing agencies use is remarketing. Remarketing is used to serve ads to prospects that have previously interacted with specific products or webpages.

Have you ever visited a website and the next day seen ads for products you were viewing at the day before? This is known as retargeting and yields a significant higher conversion rate than regular targeting.

This is how you should be running your search, display, and social media campaigns, not targeting prospects loosely based on generic keywords and interests.

Millions of small businesses are advertising on online marketing outlets, as competition increases, so does the price of a click. Also by not testing every ad copy you create, ignoring tools like Facebook Audience Insights and Google Keyword Planner, you’re probably targeting the wrong people and burning your budget.

Having an expert marketing agency heading your paid search strategy will keep your ads competitive while keeping your costs down.

If you currently struggle with paid search marketing and feel you aren’t getting the results you want, get in touch with us today and we’d be more than happy to work with you and compile a solid marketing strategy, determine the right budget and marketing outlets, and deliver profitable campaigns.

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