12 Apr 2023
Modern Work Management for the Government Grant Lifecycle

Webinar: Modern Work Management for the Government Grant Lifecycle

About This Webinar:

Today’s grant management professionals and grant lifecycle owners are under intense pressure to navigate red tape, collaborate with multiple teams and stakeholders, and streamline the grant process at scale. Despite their mission critical role, most grant management teams are still stuck trying to manage overwhelming requests using email, spreadsheets, and other siloed and antiquated tools.

Smartsheet and Optimum, a leading Smartsheet Platinum Partner, have developed an end-to-end solution to easily track and manage the grant lifecycle for both grant makers and grant recipients.



Webinar Topics:

During this webinar you will explore how Smartsheet’s grant management solution enables you to:

  • Track the grant lifecycle, burndown rate, associated expenses, and reporting requirements of grant funds across a federal agency
  • Process, sort and automate proposal intake while capturing required information
  • Organize recipients, including key contact information, mission statements, amount awarded, interactions and grant history
  • Share calendars and milestones with main stakeholders to send reminders about upcoming deliverables and communicate clear expectations for deadlines
  • Avoid workflow bottlenecks by monitoring tasks and performance and adjusting schedules and resources as needed
  • Track roles, responsibilities, and reporting so you can respond quickly to any problem areas with accurate, timely reports
  • Get accurate, real-time updates and easily compile critical information and performance metrics to build year-end reports

Manage your grant projects, deliverables, and budget while seamlessly reporting on program performance progress to key stakeholders. Attend the webinar and learn more about what Smartsheet can do!


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About Optimum:

Optimum is a national Software Consulting firm, and a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, helping organizations accelerate efficiency and solve business challenges. We deliver robust software solutions and amazing client experiences!

As a Platinum, Certified Smartsheet Partner, our consultants define, automate, and optimize processes and implement advanced Smartsheet solutions to help clients achieve work efficiency and productivity. From development of customized templates and advanced dashboards and workflows to the full implementation and support of Smartsheet Control Center and other accelerators, our team helps clients maximize their ROI in Smartsheet and increase user adoption and productivity of their teams.

Contact us for a free discovery session to identify and discuss the best solution option for your work automation and project management needs. More information: Smartsheet Consulting Services

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