03 Jul 2022
Smartsheet for Healthcare ERP Integration

Webinar: Smartsheet User Group | Healthcare | ERP and Smartsheet Integration

About This Webinar:

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Optimum and Smartsheet for this virtual user group to learn how the users in the healthcare industry can connect Smartsheet with their ERP systems and other tools.

Webinar Agenda:

Business insights: Our partner, Optimum Consultancy Services will review how users in the healthcare industry can integrate Smartsheet with other key systems, in order to easily automate workflows and centralize information so that the right people have visibility into data at the right time.

Use Case 1: Learn how to leverage low-code integration options and automation services, to automate SMS alerts that remind subjects of follow-up appointments.

Use Case 2: Learn how to use Bridge by Smartsheet to integrate UPS and Smartsheet, to retrieve the latest shipment status for lab tests and samples to a central tracking sheet.

Use Case 3: Learn how you can utilize the Smartsheet API to synchronize financial and inventory data with external ERP applications.

Use Case 4: Learn how connecting Smartsheet Event Reporting to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, can help promote the monitoring of events and data that can help strengthen solutions built between services.

Q&A: Interact with our speaker and Smartsheet experts to answer any questions you might have.


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About Optimum:

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