30 Apr 2024

Empowering Administrative Efficiency by Transforming Workflow Management for County Office of Education

Optimum leveraged ClickUp to revolutionize workflow management for a county education office, ensuring efficient tracking and reporting of all administrative tasks through collaborative development and tailored dashboards.


About the Client

The client manages all of the school districts in a Northern California county. They are responsible for providing coaching, counseling, training, and resources at every level of the education system, from pre-school to high school, including the special education programs.


Business Challenges

The client was prompted to approach ClickUp and Optimum when a report from their leadership revealed that, despite the incredible volume and variety of work the administrative team was completing, very little of their effort was documented. At the time, communication was primarily verbal or via handwritten notes left on team members’ desks, and the team was expected to be very agile and flexible in their daily work — ready to respond to a request made in passing in the hallway. As a result of this, much of their effort was going unnoticed and it was difficult to pinpoint the areas where structural adjustments may benefit the entire system.


Optimum’s Involvement

Optimum began the implementation by meeting with the client team and demonstrating the core ClickUp products, priming them with questions about how the tools shown could best help their departments. Once the options had been demonstrated, Optimum held two workshops with the client’s team to get to understand their current processes and partnered with them to identify the structural needs of the system and the data points that would need to be captured before moving into development.


Implementation Process

Development was a highly collaborative process; the Optimum team made the most of every opportunity to involve the client in the build process to increase their understanding of the tools and ensure that they had the autonomy to maintain and adjust their solution long after the development process was completed. After each phase of build, the client and Optimum went in together to test the updates and run through the identified workflows to confirm that everything worked as expected.


Project Outcomes and Benefits

A branching form was created for the client; one path was for external requesters, ultimately linked from their district website. The other path was for internal users to report their own work, which was significantly shortened, with additional fields added that allowed internal users to report status and other end-phase fields, and allowing them to report work after the fact. Both paths of the form led to the list dedicated to the team to which the work was assigned, allowing them to maintain confidentiality for sensitive work tasks like counseling. Each team worked in their designated lists, which were given access to through permission groups, while directors were able to view all of the lists and were prompted via automations to review or assign work when necessary.

All of these work items included data points such as time spent, location, district, work type, and requester, all of which was ultimately surfaced on one of two dashboards created for the client — one for district-level statistics and one for the county overall. These dashboards were the biggest win for the client; they automatically recorded data regarding where the team was spending their time and displayed that information in an easy-to-access, reportable interface.


About Optimum

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