12 Apr 2022
Customized Assignment Management Software Solution for a national Commercial Real Estate Firm

Case Study: Customized Assignment Management Software Application for a Commercial Real Estate Firm

Optimum designed and developed a customized Assignment Management Software Application for a national Commercial Real Estate firm, to streamline operations and support future growth and expansions.


Business Challenge and Project Background

Prior to the Optimum’s involvement, the Client was using a combination of various 3rd party software applications, Excel, and emails for their Appraisal Assignment Management processes across their various locations. This presented a major business challenge due to the lack of consistency, visibility, and collaboration at the location and company executive level. The Client sought a more efficient, centralized, and streamlined solution to managing and reporting on appraiser jobs.  The Client wanted an automated solution that minimized the chance for human errors and delays while standardizing their internal work processes, reporting, and communications across locations and at the management level.

In addition, the Client needed this new solution to fully integrate with their existing in-house applications, including the legacy applications for managing properties, clients, and appraisers’ information.


Optimum’s Involvement

Optimum began the engagement by leading a series of in-depth requirements definition and process mapping workshops, to understand the current state and then fully define and document the business and functional requirements as well as user stories of a new, centralized Assignment Management solution. Our team of UX/UI designers also developed detailed wireframes and screen mockups of the new application’s user interface as part of the requirements definition and software concept build-out process. Optimum then began design and development of the new application in a series of sprints, meeting regularly with the Client’s leadership for input and feedback. 

We developed this brand new, proprietary custom software application utilizing Microsoft technologies, such as ASP.NET Core and SQL server and used Azure for version controlling, reporting, requirements management, automated builds, and release management.  Angular/Devextreme was used for developing the application’s user interfaces. We also leveraged the advanced security provided by Microsoft’s Azure AD, adding a security app for two-factor authentication of the custom application allowing a secure web interface to build upon. We worked with Client’s internal IT team to develop and test a set of APIs to integrate the new solution with the legacy applications, building real-time data flow and synchronization between those systems.  The application was then deployed and hosted into the Client’s existing AWS environment.

This new Assignment Management solution provides robust capabilities for creating, searching, assigning, and managing appraisal jobs; creating and assigning clients and properties to jobs; automated approval workflows; and advanced reporting while providing a modern and user-friendly interface to the end users.

Optimum continues to work with this Client on other exciting custom application development and integration projects, providing software development and consulting expertise as well as support and maintenance of the custom applications.


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Project Outcomes

Optimum successfully completed Client’s business requirements and objectives of the project, during a rapid, 6-month scrum development process, fully meeting the Client’s business goals and timelines. The outcome of this project was a fully functional and deployed, proprietary custom application that allows the Client to manage and report on their appraisal assignments, enabling a greater level of efficiency, consistency, and visibility across various locations and operations.

The Client was most excited about having a centralized Cloud-based application and its ease of use for the end users.  The Client also appreciates the automated workflow management it provides and having the ability to further customize and adjust the application as the company grows and undertakes new business processes.

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