24 Feb 2020
PPM Maturity Assessment and Software Optimum

Case Study: Public Utilities Company Enhancing Portfolio Project Management Utilizing Maturity Model and Road-map


The client has inconsistent project mgmt. maturity level across departments and project mgmt. standards, processes, and templates are not fully defined and consistently used. Also, portfolio mgmt. processes and standards are not defined, and demand mgmt. best practices are not fully utilized. A robust and enterprise-level portfolio and project management (PPM) software doesn’t exist across all teams.   

Optimum’s Involvement

Optimum conducted a portfolio and project mgmt. maturity assessment to identify the current maturity level and define the desired maturity and PPM capabilities across all departments. Optimum then developed a maturity model and capability roadmap with action-able recommendation to achieve the desired enterprise-level PPM goals. 


Client obtained accurate and detailed visibility into their current portfolio and project mgmt. maturity, challenges, and needs and received a practical and actionable roadmap and recommendations to achieve their goals at both portfolio and project level and across all departments.

The Client, a Public Power Electric Utilities firm, engaged Optimum to conduct a current state analysis and portfolio/project maturity assessment across all their departments and develop a 5-year Capability and Maturity Roadmap and Action Plan to achieve organizational portfolio and project management goals and strategic plans. Optimum was also hired again to help define and document the requirements for an enterprise-level Portfolio and Project Management Tool and related templates, automated workflows, and reporting dashboards.

Optimum’s team stayed engaged in other phases of this project to support the client in achieving the goals and milestones of their new roadmap.

Activities and Deliverables

Some of the activities and deliverables of this assessment and roadmap phase include:

  • Interview and workshops with department leads and key stakeholders to assess and document current processes and tools for project and portfolio management (Maturity Assessment)
  • Identifying gaps, desired maturity levels and future capabilities, and developing a multi-year and actionable plan (Capability Improvement Roadmap)
  • Making recommendations for improved demand management, portfolio level visibility and reporting, and annual project selection and budget reviews
  • Defining requirements for selecting a robust and enterprise level Portfolio and Project Management Information System

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