29 Apr 2024
optimum Enhancing Project Management Efficiency with a Scalable, Standardized Workflow Solution for Leading Software Company

Enhancing Project Management Efficiency with a Scalable, Standardized Workflow Solution for Leading Software Company

Optimum elevates project management efficiency and reduces manual effort for a prominent American software company by creating standardization, optimizing workflows, and integrating Smartsheet Control Center.


About the Client

The client is a leading American software company recognized for pioneering advancements in computer-aided design (CAD), 3D modeling, and engineering software.


Business Challenges

The client grappled with significant business challenges, notably the lack of standardized project templates and effective project schedule management. They also sought improvements in intake sheet approval processes and required precise metrics for portfolio reporting within Smartsheet and Power BI. Manual processes predominated, necessitating a streamlined system deployment and management approach.


Optimum’s Involvement

Engagement kicked off by holding multiple workshops to understand the current state process and design the future state process to meet their needs. These workshops required teamwork and collaboration to guarantee that all parts of the process were mapped out. Optimum then spent the next few weeks developing the solution with input from the client stakeholders. After the preliminary solution was developed, the client underwent user acceptance testing and training to ensure the Smartsheet solution was going to meet each need outlined during the workshops held in the beginning stages of the project.

The solution that was created was a typical PMO solution with a twist. Optimum ensured that best practices were used during the build of the solution to help enhance the templates that were already created on the client side. The unique portion of this build was the fact the client team wanted to be able to track projects that didn’t necessarily need templates created by Control Center. The solution to this portion of the project was leaving the projects on the intake sheet and creating a report that outlined those projects. That gave the team the ability to report on those projects and gather data without needed the templates created from Control Center. Since the solution was different from the previous workflow, Optimum trained and developed documentation to support the team in post-production.


Implementation Process

Following a thorough two-week discovery phase, Optimum mapped out the client’s current processes and recommended enhancements to existing templates. We provided a comprehensive toolkit, including a CRAID Log, RACI, Project Schedule, and Project Dashboard, to standardize the client’s project management practices.


Project Outcomes and Benefits

Optimum’s solution automated projects, enforced standardization, and implemented best practices across all projects. The implementation of Smartsheet Control Center significantly reduced manual efforts and project overhead and streamlined project initiation, ensuring standardized project toolkits for each implementation.

Furthermore, Optimum’s Smartsheet configuration allowed for seamless reporting and enhanced data-driven decision-making capabilities for the client team with Power BI.


About Optimum

Optimum is a US-based software consulting firm helping organizations accelerate efficiency and solve business challenges. We deliver robust software solutions and amazing client experiences!

As a Platinum, Certified Smartsheet Partner, our consultants define, automate, and optimize processes and implement advanced Smartsheet solutions to help clients achieve work efficiency and productivity. From development of customized templates and advanced dashboards and workflows to the full implementation and support of Smartsheet Control Center and other accelerators, our team helps clients maximize their ROI in Smartsheet and increase user adoption and productivity of their teams.

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