06 Mar 2024

Scaling Project Processes and Enhancing Visibility for Multinational Conglomerate Using Custom Project and Portfolio Dashboards

Optimum transformed manual project processes into a standardized, automated system for internal project tracking, enhancing visibility for multinational conglomerate using Smartsheet Project and Portfolio Dashboards.


About the Client

The client operates in four areas of business: aerospace, building automation, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions. With a workforce of approximately 100,000 employees, they cater to consumers concerned with the safety and efficiency demands of the modern world. Their offerings include aircraft engines, cockpit and cabin electronics, wireless connectivity systems, and mechanical systems, utilized across a wide range of commercial, defense, and space aircraft. Additionally, commercial building owners and operators rely on their operational technology hardware, software, and analytics to enhance the safety, efficiency, and productivity of their facilities.


Business Challenges

The client sought Optimum’s expertise to optimize their project management processes by transitioning existing project templates into a standardized internal tracking system. Prior to Optimum’s intervention, the client maintained a manual process for tracking new projects, resulting in consistency but also presenting challenges. The manual creation of project templates proved to be a bottleneck due to the high volume of annual projects, impeding efficiency. This manual approach also limited leadership’s insight into the project lifecycle.

The challenge stemmed from the labor-intensive nature of creating individual project sheets, leading to inconsistency and hindering accurate tracking. The lack of a standardized process prevented precise determination of project stages (in progress, on hold, or completed) at any given time. Optimum’s involvement aimed to address these challenges and establish an automated process for improved visibility and efficiency in project tracking within the client’s internal operations.


Optimum’s Involvement

Optimum kicked off the project with a series of workshops, delving into the existing processes of the client and co-creating a future-state process aligned with the client’s project needs. These workshops required active collaboration from the client’s team to comprehensively outline every aspect of the process. Subsequently, Optimum dedicated the following weeks to developing the solution, incorporating valuable input from client stakeholders to refine the preliminary solution. Upon completion, the client underwent rigorous user acceptance testing and training sessions to ensure a thorough understanding of the Smartsheet solution.

A significant challenge in the client’s prior process was the lack of visibility into ongoing, completed, or pending projects. This absence of management insight hindered the team’s ability to have a comprehensive overview of their accomplishments.

Following the successful implementation of the Smartsheet solution, Optimum closely collaborated with the client to establish an effective change management plan. Recognizing the shift from the previous workflow, Optimum conducted training sessions and provided comprehensive documentation to support the team in the post-implementation phase. Ongoing support from Optimum ensures users receive assistance and prompt resolution for any outstanding questions, further contributing to the seamless integration and sustained effectiveness of the implemented solution.


Implementation Process

During the project’s exploratory phase, Optimum thoroughly assessed the client’s infrastructure and worked closely with their stakeholders to pinpoint areas for improvement. Through internal collaboration and client-focused workshops, we crafted a detailed proposal outlining the roadmap for improvement, including a solution architecture diagram and user stories. Upon approval from the client stakeholders, the development phase began.

Throughout the development process, Optimum maintained regular engagement with key stakeholders to craft templates that would serve as the cornerstone of the new Smartsheet solution. At the conclusion of each sprint, developers presented these templates to the stakeholder team, gathering feedback and implementing necessary adjustments. Once all solution-related artifacts were constructed, and internal testing was successfully concluded, client stakeholders were provided with test scripts and guided through an exhaustive round of user acceptance testing (UAT). Post-UAT approval, Optimum’s development team conducted comprehensive admin and end-user training sessions, ensuring that the client’s team possessed the requisite knowledge and tools for effective usage and maintenance of the solution post-launch. Following training, the Optimum team provided the client with thorough documentation, complementing the delivery of the finalized product.


Project Outcomes and Benefits

Optimum successfully implemented the client’s solution through the integration of Smartsheet Control Center, establishing a unified platform for the entire team. The workshops conducted by Optimum culminated in the establishment of a streamlined process for monitoring new client onboarding across the organization. This strategic initiative greatly contributed to enhancing brand coherence, providing a comprehensive understanding of the diverse project stages within the project lifecycle.

The initiation of new project requests now seamlessly takes place within Smartsheet, managed through interconnected and standardized sheets. Automation prompts users to input crucial information at designated intervals, while project and portfolio timelines are effortlessly visible through intuitive dashboards.

Collaborating closely with the client, Optimum ensured that the Smartsheet solution not only aligned with the company’s business requirements but was also delivered efficiently and within budgetary constraints. Of particular enthusiasm to the client was the implementation of project and portfolio dashboards, empowering the team to effortlessly assess the current status of each project. Individual project managers can view tailored reports encompassing all projects under their purview, while the portfolio dashboard provides management with a holistic view of projects across the entire organization, eliminating the need to navigate through each project individually.


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