30 May 2024

Standardizing IT Integration for Rapidly Growing Medical Management Company with Smartsheet Control Center

Optimum streamlined the IT integration process for a rapidly growing orthopaedic management company with Smartsheet Control Center, resulting in 20% efficiency gain and earlier revenue recognition.


About the Client

The client is one of the largest orthopaedic-focused management companies in the nation. Partnering with expert physicians specializing in surgical and non-surgical orthopedics, sports medicine, orthobiologics, joint replacement, and spine care, the client provides some of the most innovative treatment plans in the region along with physical therapy and imaging services to provide every patient comprehensive and efficient care under one roof.


Business Challenges

As a leading orthopedic-focused management company, the client has been experiencing rapid growth, acquiring 7-12 medical practices annually. Post-M&A due diligence, their PMO team integrates various IT assets, including servers, Wi-Fi networks, and computers, into their infrastructure.

However, the client lacks a standardized method for tracking and managing these integration projects, resulting in inefficiencies and delays. Current processes rely on Excel, PowerPoint, Word docs, and Smartsheet project plans, leading to inconsistent project progress and excessive manual effort in generating updates. This prolonged integration timeline delays revenue recognition and hampers the ability to undertake further acquisitions promptly.


Optimum’s Involvement

Optimum identified Smartsheet Control Center as the ideal solution for a standardized Project Management Information System (PMIS). The initial phase involved a comprehensive analysis of the client’s IT integration process. This included creating an ideal process map, a solution architecture diagram, and a detailed Requirements Document. These outputs provided a framework for defining the necessary objects, relationships, and acceptance criteria for the PMIS.

Optimum ensured the solution was tailored to the client’s organizational requirements, avoiding unnecessary complexity. The extensive Discovery phase helped the IT team establish standardized activities for each integration, addressing concerns about inconsistencies and cumbersome reporting.

Leveraging the Discovery outputs, Smartsheet Control Center was configured to meet the client’s needs. Several review rounds ensured satisfaction across the IT and Operations teams. Harmonizing varying departmental incentives and objectives posed a challenge, but once resolved, the solution was approved, paving the way for further organizational streamlining.


Project Outcomes and Benefits

The client now benefits from a centralized tool for initiating, executing, monitoring, and closing IT integrations. This streamlined process significantly enhances operational efficiency and supports strategic growth by enabling faster project completion, allowing the business to recognize revenue earlier and pursue additional acquisitions more swiftly.

Key performance improvements include:

  • 20% Increased Efficiency: Standardized integration schedules and consistent roll-up improve project quality, save time, and reduce the likelihood for error. This has resulted in a 20% improvement in overall efficiency, allowing the client’s teams to complete projects more quickly and effectively.
  • 30% Less Time Spent on Manual Tasks: Streamlined, low-effort reporting minimizes manual tracking efforts, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. This efficiency gain translates to a 30% reduction in time spent navigating between platforms to accomplish tasks.
  • 65% Tech Stack Consolidation: Standardized processes reduce confusion and frustration, ensuring smoother integrations. This operational consistency is further supported by a consolidated tech stack, reducing the number of technologies needed by 65%, which saves cost and simplifies training and maintenance.

By leveraging Smartsheet Control Center, the client can quickly generate and manage template sets for new integrations, ensuring immediate visibility in the larger portfolio. Continuous improvement opportunities arise as templates are updated with lessons learned, positively impacting current and future projects.

This streamlined process significantly enhances operational efficiency and supports strategic growth by enabling faster project completion, allowing the business to recognize revenue earlier and pursue additional acquisitions more swiftly.


About Optimum

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