21 May 2024

Streamlining Background Check Operations with Centralized Order Management, KPI Tracking, and Custom Dashboards

Optimum radically improved the order monitoring process by implementing a Smartsheet Control Center solution, enhancing efficiency, data management, and real-time KPI tracking for leading background check provider.


About the Client

The client is a leading provider of background and identity services, specializing in comprehensive identity verification and background checks. Serving over 50,000 organizations across various industries, they ensure the safety and security of their clients with more than 95 million background checks conducted annually, cementing its reputation as an industry leader.


Business Challenges

The client faced significant challenges in streamlining their client order monitoring process. Their existing system was nearing data capacity limits due to environmental constraints. Managing a high volume of orders required end-to-end tracking, yet inconsistencies in managing each client’s environment hindered uniform metric tracking.

This lack of standardization prevented effective analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), critical for optimizing client-specific environments.


Optimum’s Involvement

The project began with a series of workshops led by Optimum, designed to thoroughly understand the client’s existing workflows and strategize the desired future state. These collaborative sessions ensured a comprehensive integration of process elements into the final solution.

Following a six-week development phase, which included continuous input from the client, the Smartsheet-based solution was prepared for user acceptance testing and training. This tailored approach ensured that the solution met the client’s client metric tracking requirements.

After deployment, Optimum maintained a strong partnership with the client, focusing on successful system adoption. Optimum provided specialized training for their key stakeholders and created detailed documentation to enhance the team’s ability to navigate the new solution.


Project Outcomes and Benefits

Optimum developed this robust solution using Smartsheet Control Center, consolidating the client’s operations within a single, streamlined system. The thorough discovery phase conducted by Optimum resulted in a more efficient process and improved coordination across client workspaces. Key project outcomes included:

  • Unified Order Management: All new client requests are now entered directly into Smartsheet and managed through interconnected sheets and reports. Users input daily report entries, tracking orders throughout their lifecycle for each client.
  • Client Dashboards: Individual dashboards for each client monitor key performance indicators related to their orders, providing swift project updates.
  • User Dashboards: A current user dashboard allows team members to view all tasks assigned to them and update statuses in real-time, eliminating the need to navigate extensive client information.

The client particularly valued the ability to capture detailed metrics for each client, the client-specific dashboards, and the user dashboards. The new solution ensures data preservation and avoids potential data capacity issues within Smartsheet. The team can now effortlessly assess metrics for each client, while clients benefit from dashboards that provide immediate project updates. Team members enjoy personalized, filtered views, streamlining their task management.

Technologies Used:

  • Smartsheet Control Center: For centralized order management and KPI tracking
  • Custom Dashboards: For client-specific and user-specific insights


About Optimum

Optimum is an award-wining, Platinum Smartsheet Partner, serving clients in multiple industries in the US and Canada. Our certified consultants define, automate, and optimize processes and implement advanced Smartsheet solutions for IT PMOs, Marketing, Procurement and Legal, Product Development, Asset Management, Merger & Acquisition, and many other business functions and departments.

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