26 Sep 2023

Top 10 Takeaways from Smartsheet’s User Group Conference: ENGAGE 2023

Top 10 Takeaways from Smartsheet’s Annual User Group Conference: Unlocking Potential at ENGAGE 2023

The Smartsheet ENGAGE user conference was an electrifying event that brought together industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators from around the globe. Packed with insightful keynotes and engaging panel discussions, the conference left attendees with a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work management and productivity.


In this blog post, we’ll dive into our top 10 highlights from the conference that have us buzzing with excitement about the future of Smartsheet.


  1. Global expansion and the embrace of emerging technologies

Smartsheet’s global reach continues to expand, with 178 channel partners across 15 countries and over four million users worldwide on the platform. In fact, ENGAGE 2023 had 3,000 customers from 30 countries in attendance, in addition to 900 Smartsheet staff, 160 speakers, and 9 channel partner sponsors (that’s us!).

As the world continues to become smaller and technology continues to advance, we’re seeing companies of all sizes and across all verticals continue to embrace cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI, data analytics, and the cloud.


  1. Enhanced service offerings

We know that Smartsheet offers advanced solutions for project and portfolio management. But in the quest to enhance what already exists and works well, Smartsheet is now turning toward empowering creative management and strategic transformations within their suite of tools and services.

This shift signifies a broader focus on enabling creativity in project planning and execution and facilitating strategic transformations within organizations, reflecting an evolving platform that aims to meet diverse organizational needs.


  1. Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader’s vision for solutions

Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader used the Partner Summit opening keynote to emphasize the platform’s shift towards holistic solutions over individual features, echoing the company’s commitment to providing an integrated experience for users.

This change aims to empower users with more comprehensive tools, fostering efficiency and productivity. Mader also stressed the importance of improving the discoverability of Smartsheet’s portfolio, emphasizing a user-centric approach for easier exploration and utilization of capabilities, ultimately enhancing workplace efficiency.


  1. Applied/Generative AI for insightful work

Harnessing the power of applied/Generative AI, Smartsheet is venturing into an exciting realm of possibilities that includes insights generation, formula creation, and content development. This expansion into advanced AI-driven capabilities is not just limited to tracking the meaning of formulas (a new feature!) but also extends to a wider array of innovative functions. As previously mentioned, these advancements align with the realm of Generative AI, a domain where AI systems delve into the creative sphere, generating novel outputs that closely resemble human-produced work.

This move signifies Smartsheet’s commitment to fostering a more intelligent and creative environment for its users, promising to further transform the way work is managed and executed.


  1. Insights from Research Director Chris Marsh from S&P Global

Chris Marsh, Research Director at S&P Global, offered valuable insights during his presentation. He noted a sense of cautious optimism in technology spending trends, marking the first quarter of increase in technology spending after six quarters of fluctuation. Marsh emphasized the evolving landscape of employee expectations and the pivotal role of leadership in addressing these changes. He also stressed the significance of meeting the growing demand for versatile solutions in the experience-centric economy, highlighting the need for seamless integration, robust collaboration tools, and customized solutions tailored to specific business needs.

These insights collectively underscore the importance of adaptability and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.


  1. Upcoming product releases – Timeline view, AI formulas, and customizable dashboard themes

ENGAGE attendees were buzzing all week about Smartsheet’s upcoming product releases that promise a host of exciting enhancements. Firstly, the introduction of the new Timeline view is set to modernize project management, offering users a more intuitive and visually engaging way to plan and oversee their projects.

Thrilling advancements in AI were discussed, notably with the ability to track the meaning of formulas, which will significantly bolster data analysis and formula-based tasks.

Furthermore, Smartsheet is focused on streamlining dashboard development through the introduction of customizable dashboard themes, ensuring that users can create and maintain visually appealing and efficient dashboards more effortlessly.

These are just a few of the forthcoming features that reflect Smartsheet’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and productivity in diverse aspects of work management.


  1. Enhancing the Smartsheet user experience

Smartsheet is continuing to enhance the user experience by rolling out a solution library and panel, making it easier for users to access valuable resources and streamline work processes.

Additionally, users will have access to expanded resource and content management capabilities, offering tools to optimize workflows effectively.

Lastly, with multi-dimensional portfolio reporting, users will gain comprehensive insights, making Smartsheet even more valuable for professionals across various industries and job functions. These enhancements reflect Smartsheet’s focus on providing efficient and versatile work management solutions with the user in mind.


  1. Customer engagement best practices

Smartsheet is placing a strong emphasis on customer engagement moving forward, striving to deliver tangible value throughout the customer’s journey. This commitment is to ensure that users experience real benefits through collaborative endeavors, including Partner-generated use cases and webinars, to facilitate understanding and help users maximize the platform’s potential.

Furthermore, Smartsheet’s unwavering dedication to fostering strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with Partners (like Optimum) and users alike will usher in a new generation of Smartsheet power users.


  1. Future of work and change management

Smartsheet’s commitment to innovation is steering us towards a future of work that is not only more efficient but also highly data-driven and collaborative. The platform’s continuous evolution reflects its dedication to facilitating more streamlined and productive work processes, where data informs decision-making, and collaboration is seamless.

This forward-looking approach extends to change management, ensuring that organizations can effectively adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape. As Smartsheet advances, it paves the way for a more dynamic and adaptable future of work, where innovation and user-centric solutions are at the forefront of organizational success.


  1. Conclusion: Stay tuned for all the innovations!

Smartsheet’s ENGAGE user conference highlighted not only the company’s commitment to innovation but also its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of businesses in a rapidly changing world. From embracing emerging technologies and AI-driven insights to focusing on customer engagement and user-friendly solutions, Smartsheet is paving the way for a more efficient, data-driven, and collaborative future of work.


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