28 May 2019
Optimum UX UI Design and Software Healthcare

Case Study: Healthcare firm revamps the User Interface and User Experience of a core software application

Symplr, a premium healthcare compliance and credentialing software and services firm, wanted to develop a modern brand identity for one of its core software products and drastically enhance the user experience and interface of the software product while establishing standard branding guidelines for all its software products, company-wide.

Symplr engaged Optimum to assist with the software UX/UI Re-design and Brand Identity Development initiative. Optimum’s UX/UI team analyzed and documented the software product’s personas and target audience, mapped the User Journey and defined the optimal user experience, and developed modern and enhanced UX/UI designs and new branding guidelines.

Optimum then delivered a set of modern and visually appealing UX/UI designs, prototypes, and software branding guides to the client’s internal team to begin the front-end development, bringing maximized usability, consistency, and productivity to the software product.

Optimum’s services for this project included:

  • Applying the Design Thinking methodology to understand how users behave and interact with software products
  • Working with Product Managers and/or Users to define software requirements and user stories, develop product concepts, build UX and UI designs, and conduct testing (guerrilla, usability, etc.) to further understand problems that users face in their day to day job and in interacting with various systems and devices to get their work done
  • Designing and architecting the User Experience and User Interface of software products
  • Creating prototypes and interactive designs to demonstrate design concepts and user interactions 
  • Developing company brands, style guides, and UI component libraries and assets