05 Dec 2023

Optimum’s 2023 Client Success Story Roundup: Celebrating Innovation and Achievements

As 2023 draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible partnerships and successes that have defined Optimum Consultancy Services throughout the year. Our clients’ journeys have been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing innovation, collaboration, and the transformative power of technology.

Join us in this Client Success Story Roundup as we highlight some of the outstanding projects that have shaped the narrative of Optimum’s year.


Success Story #1 – Shoppa’s Material Handling’s PPM Solution

Shoppa’s Material Handling worked with Optimum to develop a Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, utilizing Smartsheet and Office 365 to streamline project management activities, boost collaboration between teams, and gain visibility into each project.

Solution: Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

Industry: Manufacturing, Logistics

Platforms utilized: Smartsheet and Office365

Project outcomes: Using Smartsheet PPM, Shoppa’s has streamlined its order submission process and active projects log to gain end-to-end project lifecycle tracking. Employees across the organization now use Smartsheet to track and manage projects from initial order to completion, reclaiming time that was previously spent emailing and calling other team members to manually determine a project’s status.

Lasting benefits:

  • Automated and streamlined project management activities
  • Boosted collaboration between teams and across departments
  • Increased visibility into each project

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Success Story #2 – Valbridge Property Advisors’ Office365 SharePoint Migration

Valbridge Property Advisors engaged Optimum to assess and migrate the company’s existing documents and files, all of which were stored on 3rd party cloud platforms, into SharePoint Online, thus ensuring that regulations around user access and security as well as the ability to capture metadata and tags for each document group are in place going forward. This has helped to maximize the return on the company’s investment in Office365 and reduce spend on 3rd party file storage.

Solution: Office365 SharePoint migration

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Platform utilized: Office365 SharePoint

Project outcomes: Successfully migrated Valbridge Property Advisors’ documents and files to SharePoint Online (with customized metadata and user access levels), provided a more user-friendly and robust collaboration platform for the client’s users, and enabled a more secure document management and sharing mechanism while ensuring standardized security and content ownership.

Lasting benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity across teams
  • Consistent metadata and searchability of documents
  • Reduced IT costs and maximized return on Office365 investment

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Success Story #3 – Benjamin Moore’s Smartsheet-Based PMO, R&D, and New Product Development Solutions

Optimum developed Smartsheet-based PMO, R&D, and New Product Development solutions for a manufacturing and consumer goods company, enabling greater efficiency and improved visibility of measurable KPIs.

Watch the webinar below to learn how Benjamin Moore maximized their Smartsheet Advance investment with our help:

Solution: Smartsheet-based PMO

Industry: Manufacturing

Platform utilized: Smartsheet Advance (Resource Management, Control Center, Dynamic View, Connector)

Project outcomes: Successfully developed and implemented a standardized and scalable multi-tier Control Center solution in Smartsheet, eliminating the manual set-up of project toolkits and dynamically linking project assets across the organization. The final solution ensured a significant increase in visibility at all levels of reporting and automated the capture and documentation of critical KPIs.

Lasting benefits:

  • Significant reduction in manual time spent creating project tools
  • Improved visibility of measurable KPIs
  • New reporting structure allowed teams to easily access departmental goals and measure performance

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Success Story #4 – AbbVie Inc.’s Smartsheet and ERP Integration for Forecasting and Analysis

Optimum integrated and automated forecasting and expenditures processes for AbbVie Inc., a global biopharmaceutical company, enabling time-savings, accuracy, and improved visibility of measurable KPIs.

Solution: Smartsheet Control Center and ERP Integration with custom application component

Industry: Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical

Platforms utilized: Smartsheet (Control Center, Data Shuttle), SAP, .NET Core, SQL Server

Project outcomes: The outcome of this project was a scalable Smartsheet Control Center solution integrated with SAP to provide AbbVie Inc. with a holistic, in-depth overview of the marketing department’s fiscal performance that was not previously available.

Lasting benefits:

  • Centralization of financial data and automation of back-end processes
  • More efficient allocation of resource time
  • Clear, accurate, and real-time view of marketing and finance teams’ performance

Optimum Success Story Roundup 2023 Read the full case study | custom application development | Smartsheet partner


A shared journey toward innovation and excellence

As we conclude the year, these client success stories stand as testaments to the collaborative spirit and unwavering integrity that define Optimum Consultancy Services. Each project represents not just a technical achievement but a shared journey toward innovation and excellence. We express our gratitude to our clients for entrusting us with their visions, and we look forward to continued success in 2024.

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