12 Apr 2022
Compliance Management For Global Investment Firm Microsoft and Smartsheet Technologies

Case Study: Compliance Management Solution for Global Investment Firm, Utilizing Microsoft and Smartsheet Technologies.

Optimum developed a Compliance Management Solution for a major Global Investment Firm, in a record two months’ time to save the firm from major regulatory fines.


Business Challenge and Project Background

A new government regulation was coming into effect at the beginning of the year and the Global Investment Firm had only a few months to determine what the regulation required and build out a system that allowed their institution to remain in compliance or face massive penalties.  The implementation of a comprehensive system to manage and execute on specific processes was needed in an extremely short amount of time.

The Global Investment Firm also sought to expand upon this comprehensive system to manage and execute specific processes allowing improved automation and workflow assignment.


Optimum’s Involvement

Optimum began the engagement by leading the Client through a series of in-depth requirements definition, regulation assessments, and process mapping workshops, to understand the new regulation, the current state of the Client’s IT and process landscape, and then fully define and document the requirements and objectives to meet the regulatory and process needs. Optimum then began development in a series of sprints, meeting regularly with the Client, keeping them up to date on the project status and ensuring clear communication, vision, and insight throughout the project lifecycle. 

We built out several Core Smartsheet-based capabilities, such as System Sheets and Data Sheets which housed data that was pulled from their existing Financial System. Duplicate sheets were required to handle the extensive amounts of data being processed at any point in time. 

We also utilized SharePoint to create multiple “Workbins” to allow reports which aggregated data of all the sheets into different “Workbins” in which customers were appropriately funneled through different processes with specific actionable items.  We implemented 3 Power Automate workflows which took data from Smartsheet and generated PDF Templates in real-time, which would then be attached back to the associated rows of data in Smartsheet.  This attachment would then automatically be sent to the Client via email to close out a particular “Workbins” assignment.  We also created dashboards in Smartsheet allowing for a high-level overview and access to any “Workbin” at any point during the workflow.

Optimum successfully met the regulatory deadline, saving the client money by avoiding massive financial penalties.  By updating and creating automated workflows we were also able save the Client valuable time and allowing for a more manageable and structured workflow.


Compliance Management For Global Microsoft and Smartsheet Technologies

Project Outcomes

Optimum successfully completed Client’s strict project deadline and objectives, fully meeting the Client’s need for an updated and regulatory compliant platform.  The embellishment on Smartsheet’s core capabilities along with the implementation of Microsoft Power Automate and SharePoint allowed for a seamless automated process flow. The automated creation of PDF’s and data validation using an SSIS Package saved the client valuable workforce hours, allowing them to focus and improve on other internal priorities.

The Client was relieved and most excited about the system set up, process development, and implementation going from conception to functional in a swift two months’ time, beating the new regulatory deadline. The Client was also excited about the ability to streamline the user experience to complete the work at hand and reduce the amount of manual effort required to generate the PDF’s, allowing workforce’s focus to shift to other internal priorities.

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