18 Oct 2018
power to manage mobile app optimum

Case Study: Mobile Application Development for Energy Sector

Business Need/Problem:

DRF Industries, an Energy Consulting firm, engaged Optimum to design and develop a native Android application to manage energy usage for non-residential and business consumers. The client’s main goal was to gain a competitive advantage in their local market and provide an innovative and effective mobile solution to its customers.

Our Solution & Delivered Results:

Optimum initiated the mobile development project by documenting project requirements and functional specifications and analyzed those requirements to determine the perfect mobile solution and platform to fulfill the client’s needs. Given the complex requirements of the project and the need for several 3rd party API integrations, our team of expert mobile app developers decided to build a native Android app (versus a Hybrid app) to ensure proper app functionality and performance of the app. The design and development if the iOS version is on the client’s roadmap.

“The app has been downloaded by several companies. Most people think it’s pretty intuitive and flows pretty well.”

– Veronica Ford, DRF Industries

The app uses the consumer’s smart meter data, along with rates and terms from Retail Electric Providers to provide customized, intuitive rate comparisons. Deregulated Electric Markets, along with smart meters, have given energy users the power to manage their own energy selection, manage their usage and demand, and implement energy efficiency measures.  The app users consumer’s most recent energy bill to look up customer information, complete registration and provide rate comparison.