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18 Apr 2019

Why Understanding Process Dynamics is Crucial for Effective Business Process Automation (BPA)

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Business Process Automation has transitioned from being a mere trend to a fundamental requirement for organizations aiming to stay competitive. However, successful BPA implementation goes beyond just deploying automation tools; it requires a thorough understanding of the organization’s unique processes and workflows. Let’s delve deeper into what Business Process […]

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15 Apr 2018
Beezy partners with Optimum Intranet Solution

Optimum and Beezy partnered to offer Modern Digital Workplace and Process Automation

Optimum, a premium Technology and Management Consulting firm, has recently partnered with Beezy, an enterprise software solution that makes workplace environments highly engaging and efficient. Beezy takes an increasingly complex set of collaboration and communication capabilities and deliver them in one unifying and comprehensive user experience, enabling customers to connect-the-dots between the productivity and collaboration […]

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05 Apr 2017

How to Boost Productivity and Accelerate Success with Business Process Automation

Navigating through manual processes, document reviews, and employee tasks can feel like an uphill battle in today’s fast-paced business environment. The complexity and time demands of these tasks often lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and ultimately, client dissatisfaction.  Consider the intricate dance of HR employee onboarding: from recruitment to provisioning, the process involves multiple departments, […]

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27 Jan 2017
nintex workflow designer

Optimum and Nintex partner to offer advanced Workflow and Forms solutions

Optimum, a premium Technology, Marketing, and Project Management consulting firm, has recently partnered with Nintex, the world-leading business productivity and SaaS solutions company, to help clients reach higher levels of productivity and efficiency with SharePoint and Office 365 and provide a rich and engaging user experience for both business and technology users. This partnership will allow […]

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