17 Oct 2018
Optimum UX UI Design

Case Study: Houston Pilots modernizes their ERP software platform

Business Need/Problem:

Our business partner, 3coast Services, engaged Optimum to design and develop a robust, integrated, and modern Dispatching and Billing Software Solution for Houston Pilots that fully meets the business needs and requirements of client’s partners and staff while utilizing the latest and greatest technologies and backend infrastructure design. The legacy applications that supported the Houston Pilot’s operations were written in old technologies and the User Experience and User Interface of those applications were not optimized and visually appealing.

Our Solution:

We started the project by conducting a Discovery & Define phase, where the business and system requirements of the new software solution were fully defined and documented and the new UX/UI designs were developed, utilizing modern wireframing and prototyping techniques.

We identified, analyzed, and documented the software application’s personas/target audience and highlighted their demographics, behaviors, needs, and motivations. We then conducted interviews and workshops with the key stakeholders and application users to understand and map the User Journey and define the optimal user experience and software product strategy.

We also conducted Usability testing to observe the users trying to carry out tasks with the product prototype and refined and adjusted the UX/UI designs, as needed, to maximize software usability and efficiency. The business and system requirements of the new software solution were documented in a Business Requirements Document (BRD) and working prototypes of the application were developed to validate and verify the key functions and style of the software.

Optimum then designed and developed the new and integrated Dispatching and Billing application while migrating various data sources into a centralized data warehouse and establishing nightly ETLs to keep the data updated.

Delivered Results:

The key results and major deliverables of the Discovery & UX/DI Design phase were:

  • Highly functional and user-friendly software screens and mockups

  • Optimized accessibility, ease-of-use, and user productivity for the new software product

  • Cross-platform compatibility, consistency, and learnability

  • Consistent user experience across all devices

  • New and robust ERP application 

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